I am a pillar of calm against a raging storm.

That almost makes me laugh when I read it. By nature, I’m rather emotional and passionate. I’ve had to work hard at learning to manage my emotions and at being the master of my personal energy. But the work I’ve done has been productive. CALM is something that still doesn’t necessarily come naturally to me, but it gets a little easier as I get older and I have opportunities to practice. Lucky me, because I have a lot of opportunities to practice.

What’s your raging storm? Is it an angry, violent teenager known for screaming obscenities, punching holes in walls, throwing things, and hurling accusations that cut you to your very core? Is it your own internal battle with doubt over your ability to parent? Is it depression and emotional fatigue at the same time as severe physical fatigue (largely due to staying awake all night wondering where your child might be)? Is it something less dramatic, but still traumatic? Is it confusion over God’s plan for you? Is it a question about the gospel that you can’t seem to get answered? Is it uncertainty about your changing role as your children become teenagers and then adults?

There are as many possible raging storms as there are individuals. You know your personal raging storm. You know how terrifying it can be and how inadequate you might feel.

How do you find calm? It can be elusive. Sometimes, we don’t immediately recognize that our ability to find calm is increasing. It may take looking back and reading journal entries before we realize that we are getting stronger.

Visualization is powerful. Take a few minutes to close your eyes, breathe deeply, and imagine yourself as a lighthouse amid a hurricane. The lighthouse doesn’t move. Its light never falters. It is impervious to the fury of the winds and the rains. This can be you.

Is it possible, as feeling, thinking, passionate humans, to be so immovable? I believe it is. SIX TIMES in the Book of Mormon, we are told to be steadfast, and FOUR of those verses also use the word “immovable.” We wouldn’t be commanded to be something that we are incapable of achieving. But I’m not sure it can be truly achieved without the Lord’s help. In fact, I’m quite sure it’s a losing battle. The Lord is the ultimate pillar of calm, and as we attach ourselves to Him, we become a part of that same pillar.

When the storm is raging around you, take some time to lose yourself in the visualization just described. Include a prayer for help as you do. Repeat it multiple times a day at first. You will start to respond to the image in body, mind, and spirit. You will start to be calmer. And as you are calmer, watch the storms around you gradually start to decrease as well.