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“I’ve found that my personal goals, my emotions, and my relationships have changed and morphed into something greater and more meaningful when I apply the methods that Kathryn teaches.”

B.C., parent

Connect to Your Teen

From experience, I can tell you that helping teens grow into faithful, responsible adults can often feel like a lonely and chaotic process, leaving parents exhausted and children angry. Holding the long view may seem impossible to do day after day. I want you to know, you’re not on this journey alone! Hearts in Tune’s online courses inspire parents with innovative parenting techniques that will help you and your teenager “tune in” to one another’s hearts.

Change Your Heart, Change Your Life

Applying the laws of thought, you can be a source of energy and strength to help your children engage in a chaotic world. Dynamic and heart-centered, our courses and services will facilitate the change you and your teen need to cultivate hope, live in peace, and grow in love.

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