And none of them that my Father hath given me shall be lost.

Doctrine and Covenants 50:42


There are a couple of different ways I’ve read this scripture.

First, when I hold Christ as an example for perfect parenthood, I look at every word He speaks to us as an example for how I should speak to and love my children. In that sense, I feel a great responsibility from this scripture to NOT LOSE any of my children. My Father gave them to me. He entrusted these precious spirits to my care. I have a sacred obligation to teach them, nurture them, and guide them home to Father.

Well, then. I have failed. (At least for now. I will never lose hope for the future.)

On the other hand, let’s just take the scripture in its purest form, as a statement from our Savior Jesus Christ.

Father gave us all to Jesus. Ultimately, Jesus is responsible for us. In fact, Heavenly Father didn’t give these little ones to me at all. He gave them to Christ. I’m here as his helper, and my obligation is no less sacred than what I just stated, but my children belong to Christ. And HE WILL NOT LOSE THEM. Not one of them.

That’s a much better way to look at the scripture. It brings me so much hope and peace.

Imagine my relief to have that heavy burden removed from me. Ultimately, I am not responsible for my children’s salvation. Only Christ can save them.

Every morning, I pray to know what my role is today as Christ’s servant to help return these hearts to Him. But I am a servant. I am not the one to save.

And Christ will never forsake us. Never. He is always reaching, guiding, and blessing lives in order to help us return to Him. He will not interfere with our agency, but He will never stop loving and leading us.

I am so thankful for that knowledge.