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“I (have been) reminded of principles I already knew, and I learned a lot of new things as well. I gained different perspectives to help me in coming up with solutions to problems I am facing in my life.”

Kayleen B.

A Heart for Change

At Hearts in Tune, we believe every lasting and positive change begins in the heart and grows outward. Until we understand our own unique gifts and identity, we simply cannot reach the hearts of our own children, especially those of rebelling teenagers. You don’t have to try to figure things out on your own; Our courses and mentoring will help to clarify and give meaning to your daily interactions. When we quietly listen to our own hearts and begin healing, we implement strategies that will encourage positive behavior and allow peace and love to endure in our homes.

Grow Together, Not Apart

Below you’ll find brief descriptions of the unique, heart-centered parenting courses we offer to subscribers. With guidance from someone who has “been there; done that” and come out the other side with stronger relationships and a deeper understanding of life, you too can parent mindfully and enjoy a family that continually grows in the ways it needs.

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Hearts in Tune Guided Course

The purpose of this six-part course is to help parents clarify their roles. Learn practical techniques to jumpstart your journey toward stronger relationships and a healed family, starting with healing yourself.

Hearts in Tune Basic Course

This course has the same content as the Guided Course but is self-directed (no coaching calls are included).

Mindset Mastery

This program provides the training, environment, enlightenment, and support for gaining practice and confidence in achieving goals using the powerful laws of thought.

Genius Bootcamp

A life-transforming workshop based on the book “Portal to Genius.”

Private Mentoring

Schedule one-on-one time with Kathryn to learn powerful techniques to break through your old, sub-conscious programming that is keeping you from connecting with your teen.


The Jackrabbit Factor by Leslie Householder

This story has helped thousands achieve seemingly impossible goals. It has helped me improve my connections with other people, especially my family!


Portal to Genius by Leslie Householder

Sometimes parenting is just hard. That’s why we all need a portal to genius.


Hidden Treasures: By Leslie Householder

Keep calm and watch what happens.


From Pain to Surrender by Kathryn Barney

Using Powerful Laws of Thought to Strengthen Your Parenting

FREE VIDEO: Stickman

Learn a simple diagram that will dramatically improve your ability to apply the laws of thought!

FREE: 7-Day Journaling Challenge

Helping Parents Engage Mindfully with Struggling Teens through Journaling

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