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Parenting is hard, even with the easiest child. When you have a troubled teen, some days it feels impossible. I’m here to show you what’s possible.

7-Day Journaling Challenge

Accessing Powerful Laws of Thought in Parenting Struggling Teens

Welcome to Hearts in Tune! My name is Kathryn; my husband Kent and I are proud parents to a blended family of seven children and grandparents to seven grandchildren (number eight coming soon!) Like many of you, I stepped into the role of parent with high expectations about the family I would create. However, multiple traumas and unexpected blows set me on a course very different than the one I had envisioned. I established Hearts in Tune with the goal of helping parents use the laws of thought to improve family connection in what can often feel like a long and thankless journey.

Our Vision vs. Our Reality

Twenty-seven years ago, I set out to build a perfect, unified, and happy family, thinking I knew exactly what that meant. While my family is all of these things, it looks vastly different than I had imagined it would. I learned that holding on to my idea of perfection was robbing me of the joy of what I really have. It was keeping me from real connection. My family isn’t perfect because we’ve done everything right, but because we are all learning and growing in the ways we need.

Heal Yourself

While parenting teens is a challenge, we don’t have to do it alone. My approach in mentoring parents will provide you with sound principles to guide you in your own healing so you can better connect your family.


Mentoring sessions and Hearts in Tune courses build upon these three pillars:

  1. Identity. Learn to identify and enhance your unique gifts that create the best environment where your teen can thrive.
  2. Purpose. Learn how to use your identified gifts to love your family and light the way for your teen.
  3. Destiny. Clarify your reason for the decisions you make in parenting each day, the end goal of all you do. Learn how to use it to draw people to you instead of pushing them away.

Strength and Hope for Challenging Times

I have learned so much on my journey through parenting, and I am excited to share advice with you, which is solidly based on the laws of thought. When you adopt these principles, you will be more in tune to your teenager and to your purpose as a parent. I have witnessed the positive results of these applications in my family and many others, and I look forward to walking with you on your personal parenting journey. We can face today and have hope for tomorrow as we reach our children with Hearts in Tune.

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